During the Belgian Covid epidemy, due to the high risk of Belgian Health saturation, Dr David Van Osta (0495741710)  and Dr Jean Bouchlis (0498128035) will stay reachable also the week ends.

COVID-19 alert.
Because of the increased risk of contamination, because of the hospital emergency plan, to avoid risk of infection , if you have fever, sore throat, cough , flu symptoms and/ or had contact(s) with suspicious FLU/ COVID case(s) : the general recommendations are to stay home 7 days
So do not make appointment here (to not infect others patients or the doctors), but try to reach Dr Bouchlis (0498128035) or Dr Van Osta (0495741710) by phone if it is necessary (certificate, short advices…).
if you are really sick and or if you have also other serious diseases (like ea. hart lungs kidneys livers issues) go to hospital through the emergency services.
Please be aware that this period is also difficult for all doctors and health workers, so hold the phone’s conversations best short.

Merimérode is a practice of GP’s at Etterbeek. The practice consists of 2 Multilingual GP’s : Dr David Van Osta and Dr Jean Bouchlis. The collaboration between Drs Van Osta and Bouchlis will allow a greater disponibility. It will lead to a more adequate medical practice , both colleagues can consult each other for certain cases ; certain difficult cases can be approached from different perspectives to arrive at more rational  solutions. Analyses and other reports can be double-checks . ATTENTION : from 01/09/2016 The consultations will always be by appointment so there will be no more consultations without appointment exept the mondays will not be changed: consultations without appointement from 4pm to 6pm. PLEASE BEST ONLINE APPOINTMENT: