• Consultations by appointment

    BEST ONLINE APPOINTMENTS : https://www.mtc-it4.be/patient/index.html#/appointments/multi/bjNkcWkyQmFRMkpDVTRFNndleFgzT3ZQRnkwZTh6djRHVWwxVEltdUlCaVowYU5CaExzSDFFSUxCVDZWaCtwSQ== for ENGLISH : go up and left and CANGE FOR  ENGLISH Or for ONLINE APPOINTMENTS;  you will have to open a user’s account comprising a login (your mail address?) and a password; this will allow you to make your appointments. You will also be requested to encode your Identification number with the Belgian State. You will find this number on your  » Carte SIS  » : on the left hand side on the top. If you do not posses a ISI+ CARD  you can encode your birthdate ( year/month/day) adding the following digits : 333 , space 22.. You will immediatly receive a mail-message  requesting  that you confirm this registration on a particular link. If you meet problems while creating your account you can send a message to    » support@rdvous.be . Or you can call our landline (if it is difficult to do it ONLINE for you) :  02 736 46 96,   from 08.pm until 6pm.
  • Consultations without appointment/ stop since the covid epidemy: only consultation by appointment

    : stop since the covid epidemy: only consultation by appointment  

  • Week-end

    You can call the Brussles service on duty: GBBW http://gbbw.be/index.php/en/(Français Nederlands, English) , – we participate actively in this service , – by calling 02 201 22 22.
  • When is it possible to speak with Dr Bouchlis

    – on his cel phone 0498 12 80 35 the Tuesday from 3pm to 4pm and the Thursday from 11am to 12 am- -For appointments call our landline 02 736 46 96, preferably in the morning  from 08.00 h until 4pm.
  • When is it possible to speak with Dr Van Osta

    on his cel phone 0495741710 : from 8:30am until 9am(not for taking an appointment or aks for medical results) – for result please call  the Monday , or Thursday or Friday from 12h to 12h30  on my cel phone 0495 74 17 10.
  • SATURDAY MORNING consultations by appointment

    Dr Bouchlis will receive  patients by appointment certain Saturday mornings. Appointments will have to be made the latest before the Friday 12.00 h; for the following Saturday. For ex.: for an appointment for Saturday 15 June, you will have to make an appointment the latest on Friday 14 June at 12.OO H.
  • Global Medical File-medical informations exchange - summary of your medical file SUMHER

    Dear patients, we recommend that you open a global medical file (GMF) with one of the two GPs in this office. The GMF – a central record of all your medical information – ensures better reimbursement of your medical costs from your Belgian health insurance. If you open the file with Dr Van Osta, it will also be active with Dr Bouchlis, and vice versa. Opening a GMF with either one, however, will not prevent you from seeing other GPs and/or specialists. Drs Van Osta and Bouchlis will be happy to register you with the GMF scheme. Please note that registration requires a Belgian identity card. With your express agreement and completely independent of the GMF, it is possible for hospitals to share the results of your blood tests, x-rays and other medical exams with your attending GPs and practitioners. (Health insurance physicians, panel doctors, occupational physicians, and medical officers are excluded from the information-sharing system). (For more information, please visit www.patientconsent.be.) In addition, you can ask Dr Van Osta or Dr Bouchlis for a summary of your medical file (SUMmarised Electronic Health Record (SUMHER)), which will be accessible to your attending healthcare practitioners, once again provided your express agreement.