Docteur Van Osta

David van Osta:
Dr. David Van Osta has been a GP since 2000.  His mothertongue is french. He started his medical studies at the ULB, finished them at the VUB.
He took a DES in ” General Practice ” at the UCL.with a study about : ” Les urgences cardiologiques en médecine générale. Prise en charge à domicile ou référer vers l’Hôpital ” .Presented before a jury inter-universiteies: ULB,UCL,ULG.

Dr van Osta works as a volunteer for ” Médecins du Monde “, Mainly for homeless and migrants in Antwerp.
He has a  “; Certificat d’Electrocardiographie ; a” Certificat of  Spirometry ” and a certifcate like ONE dr (preventive childhood medecine)

He is an accredited GP